ACL Reconstruction

ACL Reconstruction

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction is a surgical procedure that repairs the ACL in the knee. After surgery, it is important to undergo a comprehensive rehabilitation program, guided by the expertise of a Physical Therapist, to restore the strength and stability of the knee joint.

At OrthoRehab, our specialists provide expert rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction, which typically involves a supervised combination of guided and measurable exercises and techniques to improve the following:

  • Range of motion
  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle control

What to Expect in ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation

  • Initial Evaluation: Your Physical Therapist will evaluate your knee to determine your current level of strength, range of motion, and stability. They will also discuss your goals and any concerns you may have.
  • Treatment Plan: Based on the evaluation, your physical therapist will develop a customized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs. This may include exercises to improve range of motion, strength, and stability, and techniques to manage pain and swelling.Biodex Isokinetics and Delfi Blood Flow Restriction may also be incorporated into your treatment plan, as they are both effective tools in enhancing the rehabilitation process.
  • Progress Monitoring: Your Physical Therapist will monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan. They will also provide guidance on exercises you can do at home to support your recovery.

Biodex Isokinetics Therapy in ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation

  • Biodex Isokinetics is a type of rehabilitation equipment that provides resistance to your muscles during movement. This allows for a more controlled and specific type of exercise, which can be especially beneficial for those undergoing ACL reconstruction rehabilitation. Biodex Isokinetics helps to improve muscle strength, endurance, and control, which are all critical factors in recovering from ACL reconstruction surgery.

Delfi Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Therapy in ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation

  • Blood Flow Restriction Therapy, using the highly respected Delfi system, is a rehabilitation technique that involves using a cuff to restrict blood flow to a specific area of the body during exercise. This restriction leads to an increased metabolic demand in the muscle, which can enhance the rehabilitation process and help improve strength and muscle mass.

Individual Goals in ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation

  • Your Physical Therapist will work with you to establish specific and achievable goals, such as regaining normal range of motion, reducing pain, and returning to sport or other physical activities.

At OrthoRehab, we have documented success, and believe firmly that Rehabilitation with Physical Therapy following ACL reconstruction is an essential part of the recovery process. By working closely with your Physical Therapist and following their guidance, you can regain strength and stability in your knee, reduce pain and swelling, and achieve your individual goals. The addition of Biodex Isokinetics and Delfi Blood Flow Restriction can enhance your rehabilitation experience and lead to an improved outcome.

ACL Reconstruction
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