Ashley Wenz of OrthoRehab Bigfork and her patient Patricia Robinson-Grant

OrthoRehab Bigfork clinic director Ashley Wenz had the pleasure of working with her patient Patricia Robinson-Grant, an artist from Condon, an avid walker, hiker and paddle boarder, who suffered a Medial Meniscus tear in her knee. Patti’s words tell it all, “The clinic staff is wonderful, friendly & welcoming. I am amazed at my progress in a relatively short time. Ashley pinpointed the muscular areas that needed strengthening and gave me the tools & exercises I needed to avoid arthroscopic surgery!!! Keep on with your amazing gift of physical therapy help. I am so happy with my progress.” Patti is now back to hiking with no limitation from pain and is looking forward to enjoying her active life and we wish her well. Thank you for entrusting Ashley and OrthoRehab with your Physical Therapy care.

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