OrthoRehab of Bigfork’s Ashley Wenz, DPT and her patient Steve Garvin!

Ashley is a great great therapist! Everything Ashley does is great!” As a matter of fact, Steve Garvin is looking pretty great along with his physical therapist Ashley Wenz, DPT, Clinic Director at OrthoRehab’s Bigfork Clinic, on his last day of rehab for his left Rotator Cuff! Steve is the owner of Eagle Painting in Bigfork and is definitely in need of the use of his shoulders for his career as well as his love of golf. It should be noted that Steve also rehabbed his right Rotator Cuff just last year with Ashley with goal of taking up golf as he works toward retirement. His right shoulder was ready to roll when Steve was discharged last fall, but then he sustained injury to the left Rotator Cuff over the winter. He returned to Ashley and OrthoRehab this summer and flew through his rehab following his surgical repair. In closing, Steve had this to say about his Physical Therapy at OrthoRehab, “I had a GREAT experience!”

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