OrthoRehab of Libby’s Tim Whalen with his patient Irene Jacobs

OrthoRehab in Libby had the honor of working with Ruth Jacobs, an inspirational woman who overcame amputation of her right leg, and additional converging medical challenges, to be able to walk again with the assistance of her prosthesis and walker. From July of 2017 to May of 2018, Ruth worked closely with our Libby Physical Therapy team Tim Whalen, DPT, OCS, Christy Rusdal, PT, Curtis Umscheid, PTA and MaryBeth Hommel, Office. During this same time period, Ruth also worked with Liz Whalen, Personal Trainer and owner of Studio B, to additionally strengthen her body.

Ruth had these words to say about her Physical Therapy at OrthoRehab, “With OrthoRehab, I just feel that they are dedicated to making sure you get better and that you succeed. They are very personable, very dedicated, professional, they treat each patient as an individual. When you’re being seen, you are their only patient, their only focus. I always felt welcomed there. Even the times when I was struggling, they were always willing to encourage me by saying “Let’s keep going at it, Let’s keep trying.” ”

Ruth was very happy to share her experience to help and hopefully inspire others who also are suffering. To give you some history, Ruth fractured her right ankle in 2008 and got MRSA (a very aggressive infiltrating staph infection) in the bone. She had 16 surgeries and when the bone would not heal, the decision was made to do the amputation in 2012. Because of problems in her remaining leg, she then had her left knee replaced and then contracted MRSA in that knee, which lead to her left leg also being disabled as well. When she moved to Libby from California, Ruth began having a series of falls which lead her to OrthoRehab, who had come with high recommendation because Ruth had heard from others that OrthoRehab pushes and challenges their patients in their rehab. Her therapy team tailored all of their therapy to her disability.

It should also be noted that one of the best benefits now that Ruth is able to walk again, is that Ruth’s cat OC (Obstinent Cat), who goes everywhere with her, likes to ride on her walker!

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