OrthoRehab Physical Therapy Sponsors Outsiety Hike to Cobalt Lake in Glacier National Park

As John Muir once said, “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure some of them are dirt.” A “strenuous rated” 11.4 mile hike, as well as a little hail and rain, didn’t deter the Outsiety hiking group’s expedition up to Cobalt Lake in Glacier National Park on Sunday. OrthoRehab and Hammer Nutrition sponsored the hike, and OrthoRehab’s Alena Ori-Baughan, DPT, Rhonda Kalvig, Public Relations and Carla Williams, Office were the hosts for the group of 15 upbeat women hikers. Starting on the east side of Glacier Park, at Two Medicine Lake with the mighty Mt. Sinopah looking on, everyone enjoyed the hike that was embellished by rickety bridges and beautiful Rockwell Falls, and even a welcoming party of 3 mountain goats once they reached Cobalt Lake. It was a wonderful day and the Outsiety group and our OrthoRehab hosts/gals had a really fun time!

All the hikers received gifts to remember their hike from OrthoRehab and Hammer Nutrition. OrthoRehab wishes to thank the Outsiety group for being so committed to exploring the beauty that surrounds us on paths into the mountains of Montana.

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