Reach Your Peak! Ashley Wenz’s patient Jan McDonald

At OrthoRehab, our motto is “Reach Your Peak!” Meet Jan McDonald, who grew up in New Zealand climbing the dramatic Montana-like mountains in the Land of the Kiwi. Jan met her husband Curt 10 years ago while in China in a back country hiking group. After falling in love with each other and their shared passion for high mountain hikes, Jan moved to the Swan Valley where she and her husband shared their love for hiking to alpine lakes.
Jan’s husband was working with Ashley Wenz, DPT recovering from a Rotator Cuff injury when Jan consulted Ashley about the debilitating pain in her hip. Ashley suspected Jan was suffering from Osteoarthritis and referred Jan to Dr. Stanley Makman of Flathead Orthopedics. Ashley’s guess was correct and Jan underwent Hip Replacement surgery.
In Jan’s words, “After only 8 weeks, I am back hiking. We just went up to Glacier Lake in the Mission Mountains where we fished. The hike was 3 miles round trip and now I have more flexibility than I had even 4 or 5 years ago! Ashley developed a program for outdoor activities suited for me. Ashley is passionate about her work but also interested in you as a person. Ashley developed a friendship with both Curt and I.”
This New Zealand girl has made Montana her home. Now she is able to explore the mountains she loves, in great part due to the encouraging and personalized Physical Therapy provided by Ashley Wenz, DPT. OrthoRehab wishes Jan and Curt well in their outdoor adventures and future life together!

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