Amelia Mason

The United States Gymnastics Team brought home the Gold Medal in Rio, and on a local level, 10 year old Amelia Mason is earning her own accolades in gymnastics after recovering from a serious Spinal Fracture suffered during practice in January. After seeing a Pediatric Orthopedic Spinal Specialist and spending 4 months in a brace, Amelia came to Ashley Wenz, DPT, Clinic Manager of Orthopedic Rehab’s Bigfork Clinic. With Ashley’s encouragement, Amelia went through a rigorous core stabilization program and is now pain free, has full strength, and is almost unlimited in her activities. She is back to riding bikes, jumping on trampolines, playing tag with her friends, swimming and even some tumbling. Ashley had the pleasure of getting to know her mom, Lori Mason, who had this to say regarding her experience at ORI: “It was great! Ashley made my daughter’s rehab fun! I wouldn’t change a thing!” We’re proud of you Amelia and are so happy to know you can once again follow your passion for gymnastics!

Amelia Mason
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