Jean Fischer

It is a pleasure to tell you how much I enjoyed my experience with the staff at The Aquatic & Spine Center at Orthopedic Rehab. I have had chronic spinal problems for many years. A few years ago I contemplated surgery but was told by a neurosurgeon he would not attempt a surgical approach nor would he recommend I let anyone else do so. I have tried a number of other modalities with little or no success, finally relying on medication alone to ease acute discomfort. When I saw an advertisement for the underwater treadmill treatment of back pain, I asked my primary care physician for his advice. He wrote the prescription and I began the series. From the moment I walked through the door, the professionalism was apparent. The receptionist was helpful, courteous and she was dressed appropriately (an issue that has concerned me in other medical offices). An excellent first impression. The therapist and her assistant were knowledgeable about my concerns, made certain I was safe in each exercise and clear in their directions. As the sessions progressed, they encouraged each bit of progress and I felt enthusiastic throughout the entire course of treatment. These therapists have taught me that although I’m at an advanced age, my musculature can still be trained to help support my spinal structure. I have less pain, better stability, can stand for a longer period of time and have more energy than when i began this journey. My daughter tells me I also walk a lot straighter. I would definitely recommend this practice to my family and friends. Certainly I’d return if i had other problems requiring P.T. The toughest part for me now is to continue the work without my mentors.

Jean Fischer
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