Veterans Day Tribute from OrthoRehab Kalispell North Clinic

OrthoRehab salutes veterans of every military service on Veterans Day! Our Kalispell North Clinic at Flathead Orthopedics has the honor of treating many veterans who served our country in time of conflict and to protect our freedom during times of peace as well. The following photos are veterans who served our country in a variety of armed services, who are kindly being treated by our caring Physical Therapy team including Alena Baugan, DPT, Tayler Holder, DPT and Rod Michel (PTA) as well as Ben Kingan, DPT (not pictured). Thank you to the following veterans: Chase Garner, Dan Skiles, Dick Lienesch, Jacob Strawn, James Laughlin, Mike Chamberlain, Roger Ollendike, & Ron Hylton!

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