Aquatic Physical Therapy

Aquatic Physical Therapy

Aquatic Physical Therapy at OrthoRehab Kalispell North and Libby Clinics

At OrthoRehab Physical Therapy, we are constantly exploring innovative ways to facilitate your journey to optimal health. One such approach is Aquatic Physical Therapy, in our EVO by Hydroworx pool now available at our Kalispell North and Libby clinics. EVO is the newest addition from the global leaders in Aquatic Physical Therapy, Hydroworx.

Aquatic Physical Therapy, or pool therapy, harnesses the power of water to provide an effective and enjoyable therapeutic experience. The therapy is well-suited for a wide range of patients – from the most dedicated athletes to individuals managing excessive weight or mobility issues. This versatility is thanks to the natural buoyancy of water, which supports the body, reducing strain on joints and muscles while still providing a challenging workout.

Our EVO by Hydroworx pool is not just any pool – it features a patented underwater treadmill, revolutionizing the possibilities of aquatic therapy. This technology allows you to walk or run in the water, making it a game-changer for those needing low-impact but effective exercise.

Safety and supervision are paramount in our clinics. As you exercise in the pool, our expert Aquatic Physical Therapists closely monitor your progress. Simultaneously, the pool's advanced technology captures real-time data on your performance, helping us tailor your therapy program to your specific needs.

Under the guidance of our experienced therapists, you can safely advance your progress efficiently whether you are recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or aiming to improve your fitness level. Aquatic Physical Therapy offers a unique blend of challenge and comfort, making it an effective, enjoyable, and safe way to achieve your health goals.

Join us at OrthoRehab Kalispell North and Libby clinics and dive into a new dimension of physical therapy with the Evo by Hydroworx. Here, you will discover the remarkable therapeutic power of water, guided by our dedicated team of Aquatic Physical Therapists.

Aquatic Physical Therapy
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