Biodex Isokinetics

Biodex Isokinetics

Biodex Isokinetics, is a highly regarded treatment available at OrthoRehab, which is used in Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, and Orthopedics for patients rehabbing from injury, surgery, or other conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system. Biodex uses a computer assisted machine to effectively enhance isokinetic strength and endurance providing resistance to the muscles during movement, allowing for a more controlled and specific type of exercise.

How Biodex Isokinetics Works

  • Biodex Isokinetics uses adjustable resistance and a range of motion control to provide a safe and effective exercise experience.
  • The equipment provides resistance proportional to the speed of movement, allowing the therapist to easily control the exercise's intensity.
  • Biodex Isokinetics also includes a computer-controlled feedback system that allows for precise monitoring of progress and a more customized exercise experience.

Benefits of Biodex Isokinetics

  • Improved Muscle Strength: Biodex Isokinetics helps to improve muscle strength, endurance, and control, which are all critical factors in recovering from injury or surgery.
  • Safe and Effective: The adjustable resistance and range of motion control provided by Biodex Isokinetics makes it a safe and effective option for patients of all ages and abilities.
  • Customizable: The computer-controlled feedback system allows for a highly customized exercise experience, ensuring that each patient receives the right level of intensity and support for their specific needs.

The Physical Therapists at OrthoRehab are experts in Biodex Isokinetics, and use this innovative technology to provide a safe and effective way to improve muscle strength, endurance, and control. Biodex Isokinetics can help patients achieve their rehabilitation goals and return to their normal activities effectively, and efficiently.

Biodex Isokinetics
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